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Acoustic Tenth Std Science Lesson 5 TNPSC Group 2 ,Group 2A, Group 4, VAO

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                  In this post all the possible objective questions in the lesson acoustic is given. To attendthe TNPSC GROUP exams we need study all the lessons from the samacheer textbooks. Here all the questions have been taken by reading each and every line in the samacheer textbooks 

 _____ is a branch of sound.

The vibrating bodies produce energy in the form of ______

 ____ can propagate through a gaseous medium or a liquid medium or a solid medium.  Sound waves are ____ waves that can travel through any medium 

Sound waves with a frequency ranging between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz are ____

Sound waves with a frequency below 20 Hz that cannotbe head by the human ear. e.g., waves produced during earth quake, ocean waves, sound produced by whales, etc. are called_____

Sound waves with a frequency greater than 20 kHz, Human ear cannot detect these waves, but certain creatures like mosquito, dogs, bats, dolphins can detect these waves. e.g., waves produced by bats are called _____

 Sound waves travel in air with a speed of about _____

Light waves travel in air with a speed of _____

 SI unit of velocity is ___

The velocity with which the particles of the medium vibrate in order to transfer the energy in the form of a wave is called ___

The velocity with which the wave travels through the medium is called ___

the distance travelled by a sound wave in unit time is called the _____ of a sound wave

 In the case of solids, the elasticproperties and the ____ of the solids affect the velocity of sound waves.

Elastic property of solids is characterized by their _____

 When ____ increases, the speed of sound increases When sound waves travel in a given medium and strike the surface of another medium, they can be bounced back into the first medium. This phenomenon is known as   The incident wave, the normal to the reflecting surface and the reflected wave at the point of incidence lie in the same ___ The medium in which the velocity of sound increases compared to other medium is called_____

___ is rarer compared to air for sound

The medium in which the velocity of sound decreases compared to other medium is called ___

___ is the sound reproduced due to the reflection of the original sound from various rigid surfaces such as walls, ceilings, surfaces of mountains, etc. 

___ rooms do not satisfy the basic conditions for hearing an echo.

The principle of ____ is used in obstetric ultrasonography

____ is a hearing aid, which is useful by people who have difficulty in hearing. 

When ever there is a relative motion between a source and a listener, the frequency of the sound heard by the listener is different from the original frequency of sound emitted by the source. This is known as _____

In _____, by measuring the change in the frequency between the sent signal and received signal, the speed of marine animals and submarines can be determined. 


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