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Electricity Tenth STD Lesson 4 TNPSC Group 2 TNPSC Group 4 Study Material

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In this post all the possible objective questions from the lesson ELECRICITY is given. By practicing this questions we can attent the TNPSC Group 2, TNPSC Group 2A, TNPSC Group 4 Exams confidently.   To prepare well for the TNPSC Group exams we need to study the samacheer text books. 


The motion of electric charge (electrons) through a conductor (e.g., copper wire) will constitute an ____

Electric current is often termed as‘current’ and it is represented by the symbol_____

The SI unit of electric current is ____

An _____ is a closed conducting loop (or) path, which has a network of electrical components through which electrons are able to flow.

____ is used to fix the magnitude of the current through a circuit

_____ is used to select the magnitude of the current through a circuit.

____ is used to measure the current.

_____ is used to measure the potential difference

____ is used to detect the current and its direction.

____ is used in electronic devices.

______ is used in seven segment display

_____ is used to provide protection to the electrical components. It also serves as a reference point to measure the electric potential.

The direction of current is taken as the direction of flow of____ 

The SI unit of electric potential or potential difference is___ 

A German physicist, Georg Simon Ohm established the relation between the potential difference and current, which is known as _____

_____ of a conductor can be defined as the ratio between the potential difference across the ends of the conductor and the current flowing through it.

The SI unit of resistance is ohm and it is represented by the symbol_____

 Resistance of a conductor is said to be _____ if a current of one ampere flows through it when a potential difference of one volt is maintained across its ends. 

_____ of a material is defined as the resistance of a conductor of unit length and unit area of cross section. 

The unit of electrical resistivity is ____

The conductance of a material is mathematically defined as the reciprocal of its______ 

The reciprocal of electrical resistivity of a material is called its _______

Conductivity is more for conductors than for _____

The combination of resistors is known as ____

If resistors are connected end to end, so that the same current passes through each of them, then they are said to be connected in ___

A ______ has two or more loops through which current can pass. 

 The wiring in a house consists of _____circuits.

The ______effect of current is used in devices like electric heater, electric iron

_______ is used in electric heating device.

In electric bulbs, a small wire is used, known as _____

_____ is the commonly used material to make the filament in bulbs.

_____ is defined as the rate of consumption of electrical energy

The SI unit of electric power is _____

A larger unit of power, which is more commonly used is_____ 

_____ is equal to 746 watt.

Consumption of electrical energy is measured and expressed in _____

_____ means that an electric power of 1000 watt has been utilized for an hour

The expansion on MCB_____

In India, domestic circuits are supplied with an alternating current of potential ___

In countries like USA and UK, domestic circuits are supplied with an alternating current of potential ___

The fuse wire or ___ will disconnect the circuit in the event of an overloading and short circuiting.


When the amount of current passing through a wire exceeds the maximum permissible limit, the wires get heated to such an extent that a fire may be caused. This is known as _____

When a live wire comes in contact with a neutral wire, it causes a____ 

The _____sends the current from the body of the appliance to the Earth, whenever a live wire accidentally touches the body of the metallic electric appliance. 

_____ serves as a protective conductor, which saves us from electric shocks. 

An ____ bulb is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it

A  ______ is the display device used to give an output in the form of numbers or text

LED Television is one of the most important applications of____

 In 2009, ____ introduced the first commercial LED Television.


The above Lesson Electricity is very important lesson for TNPSC Group 2,TNPSC Group2A, TNPSC Group 4


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