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Plant anotomy Tenth Std Science Study Material

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Atoms are organized into ____

Molecules are organized into_____

Organelles are organized into ____

Cells are organized into_____

Tissues are organized into ____

The first account of internal structure of plants was published by English Physician ____

Father of Plant Anatomy is _____

_____ is the study of internal structure of plant

_____ are the group of cells that are similar or dissimilar in structure and origin, but perform similar function

_____consists of epidermis, stomata and epidermal outgrowths

Tissue System____ is the outer most layer

Trichomes and root hairs are the _____

______ protects the inner tissues.

_____ helps in transpiration.

Root hairs help in absorption of ____

____consists of xylem and phloem tissues

____ conducts water and minerals to different parts of the plant

____ Conducts food materials to different parts of the plant

____is a multilayered large zone made of thin-walled parenchymatous cells with intercellular spaces. It stores food and water

_____is the innermost layer of cortex

The tissue present between xylem and phloem is called _____

____is the outermost layer of the root

_____is multilayered large zone, composed of parenchymatous cells with intercellular spaces. It stores water and food material

___ is the innermost layer of cortex with characteristic casparian strips and passage cells.

Casparian strips are band like thickening made of ______

All the tissues inner to endodermis constitute ____

____”is a single layer of thin walled cells

____consists of many patches of xylem and phloem arranged radially

The conjunctive tissue is made up of____

_____contains abundant amount of starch grains. It stores food.

_____is the outermost layer

____ is also called starch sheath.

The central part of the stem inner to endodermis is known as ___

_______occurs between vascular bundle and endodermis.

 There is a patch of hard sclerenchyma tissue outside to the phloem of vascular bundle is calld______

_____ provides mechanical support to plant

The tissue present between the upper and lower epidermis is called ___

____ are double membrane bound organelles found in plants and some algae

_____ occurs in all green parts of the plant especially in green leaves.

Pigments involved in photosynthesis are called ____

In ____ cycle the inputs are CO2 from the atmosphere and the ATP and NADPH2produced from light reaction

____, an American biochemist, discovered chemical pathway for photosynthesis

______ is the power houses of the cell or ATP factory of the cell

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