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Corbon and it’s compounds Tenth std Science TNPSC Study Material

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Corbon and it's Compounds

Corbon and it’s compounds

_______ is an inseparable element in human life
_______ compounds have a high molecular weight and a complex structure
Organic compounds are highly _____ in nature
Mostly organic compounds form _____ bonds in nature.
_____ chemistry is the chemistry of catenated carbon compounds
If all the carbon atoms in the chain are connected by single bonds, the compound is called as________
If one or more double bonds or triple bonds exist between the carbon atoms, then the compound is said to ______
Organic compounds in which the chain of carbon atoms is closed or cyclic are called ______
 If the chain contains only carbon atoms, such compounds are called _____
If the chain contains carbon and other atoms like oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, etc., these compounds are called _____ 
_____ compounds contain one or more carbocyclic rings which may be saturated or unsaturated
____ compounds contain one or more benzene rings (ring containing alternate double bonds between carbon atoms)
The organic compounds that are composed of only carbon and hydrogen atoms are called _____
_____ are hydrocarbons, which contain only single bonds
The hydrocarbons, which contain one or more C=C bonds are called
 The hydrocarbons containing carbon to carbon triple bond are called ____
____ is the simplest alkyne, which contains two carbon atoms. 
_____ hydrocarbons are gases at room temperature
The boiling point of hydrocarbons increases with an increase in the number of _____ 
_____ are least reactive when compared to other classes of hydrocarbons.
_____ are the most reactive due to the presence of the triple bond.
A ______ group is an atom or group of atoms in a molecule, which gives its characteristic chemical properties.
A series of compounds containing the same functional group is called a _____class of 
Chemical properties of the members of a homologous series are ____
The expansion of IUPAC ____International Union of Pure and 
Ethanol is commonly known as _____
Yeasts are single celled microorganisms, belonging to the class of ____
_____ is conversion of complex organic molecules into simpler molecules by the action of enzymes. 
Ethanol is used in medical wipes, as an____ 
Acetic acid, in lower concentration is ____
Soaps, which are prepared by the saponification of oils or fats with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), are known as ____
Soaps, which are prepared by the saponification of oils or fats with potassium salts, are known as ____
When a soap or detergent is dissolved in water, the molecules join together as clusters called ___
“TFM” in soap____
 A soap, which has higher TFM, is a ____ bathing soap.

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